We are a experienced and dynamic team with wide and extensive experience in various fields and sectors,  specialised in the world of culture and art, in each and every one of its various manifestations.
This allows us to develop modern and innovative projects, with a wide range of local and international artists willing to enhance all their cultural and artistic qualities with absolute freedom and creativity.

WHAT we do

We create, develop and evolve cultural and artistic projects, giving them character and their own personality.
Each of our current and future projects breathe their own life and tell their own story through each and every one of the artists that compose them.
We make culture and art, art and culture flow naturally, bringing people closer to these exciting worlds, unknown to a large part of our society.
We are generators of projects, exhibitions and artistic and cultural exchanges in continuous movement capable of generating emotions and sensations among the people who visit us.

What is ART?

It is the manifestation or expression of any creative and aesthetic activity carried out by human beings, to express their emotions, feelings and perceptions about reality or what they imagine for aesthetic and symbolic purposes, using different plastic, linguistic or sound resources.
Since the 20th century, the fine arts have been made up of architecture, painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance and cinema.

What is CULTURE?

Set of non-specialized knowledge and ideas acquired thanks to the development of intellectual faculties, through reading, study and work.
Set of knowledge, ideas, traditions and customs that characterize a people, a social class, a time period, etc.


We have several different objectives that clearly summarize our work. On the one hand, we feel the need to make the values of our culture and our art reach the whole world in a simple way. Make it available to all those people who otherwise would never be able to enjoy and feel it, such as vulnerable groups of our society. Show that culture, and especially art, is not designed for a few elites, but can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

What makes us DIFFERENT

Neutro Art is not an art gallery where paintings or sculptures are «hanged», parties are organized and attempts are made to sell, always oriented towards clients with the purchasing power to acquire or buy these «products». At Neutro Art we do not seek exclusively economic ends. Our multidisciplinary cultural & artistic space goes much further; it is different, original and unique in its format. We will tell and represent all possible arts to the general public in a professional and careful way. We bring and will bring all our artistic values closer to society, associations, groups of people, institutions, etc. We have a Kids space for the little ones to experience and present their art; NFTs, artificial intelligence, painting, sculpture, techno sculpture, drawing, literature, architecture, poetry, music, cinema, dance, music, painting and sculpture workshops and a long etcetera. That is why we adapt to our times, and beyond the seven classical arts, we incorporate the art of the present and the future, such as video games, modern comics, social networks, etc. We carry out concerted and explained visits with rigorous artistic criteria to groups of people of different kinds, introducing art to each one of them. In this way, all those people who do not know it can start with Neutro in each of our different and varied projects & exhibitions.


For all the above mentioned we have varios spaces in Mallorca.

First of them, Neutro Art Templo, is located in the area of Porto Pí & Paseo Marítimo. An especially unique space due to its distribution, as well as its simple and minimalist architecture. 450 m2 diaphanous, distributed in three exhibition floors or exhibitions endowed with artistic and cultural «soul».

The second one, Neutro Art Harbour is an artistic space located in one of the best locations in Mallorca: Port Adriano. The Gallery, Neutro Art Harbour, hosts international artists such us Domingo Zapata, Aldo Comas and Dennis Klapschus. 

And finally our newest project, Neutro Art Palace. From the December 2023 you will be able to enjoy Neutro Art in a magnificient and elegant Majorcan-style mansion from 1925, surrounded by the best artistic atmosphere.

Additionally we curate different spaces outside or our galleries, creating temporary exhibitions in villas, offices, restaurants, etc.

Get your art works displayed at our gallery

If you would love to exhibit in our gallery we invite you to send us your story and information about your artworks using the contact form below so that we can analyze when and in what way we can work together.

Contact Details

Neutro Art Gallery
Avenida Joan Miro 77, 07015
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
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