Alex Jul (Ausenta)

Álex Jul (Palma de Mallorca, 1995) is a self-taught oil painter. He began his career as a painter after working in various disciplines such as illustration and tattooing. Faithful to the purity of oil painting, Jul develops his facet as an artist by subjecting it to a process of exploration and development. Fire as a tool of decomposition; the variation of the material state and the exploration to the extremes of the formal aspects of painting are some of the elements that inspire him towards a distinguished authenticity.

In parallel and in terms of the representation he projects in his work, Jul works with figurative elements directly related to the human anatomy, where two modalities can be distinguished: Chambers and Chamber extracts. Jul tries to represent on his canvases an opening to his ideal of dimension, the Chambers, where he habitually uses dark atmospheres, with weightless and ethereal spaces and focusing great power of protagonism on how the light is projected over the naked human figure.