Alexander Zuleta

Zuleta is a visual artist who defies contemporary classifications. Working the techniques of formal painting and other experimental trends of painting as well as the relevance of his sculptures. He practices it in drawing, photography, installation and collage. They are diverse results with the topics you explore. Lyrical, mundane and poetic, within the everyday objects fragility of cultures in Latin America and the world. Plus Readymade. Zuleta lives and works in Guatemala, Mexico DF and Madrid (Spain). His work today is the object of being part of private collections in various parts of the world.

In the artwork that Zuleta presents us we can appreciate the influences of his own land and in turn influences of Asian art, more specifically, Chinese art. The representation of flowers, orchids, stand out in many of his works, this is due to that taste of wanting to present his origins to the world, coming from a tropical country where these flowers abound in nature.