Painter / Muralist

Carolina Adán Caro

I did my academic studies in Fine Arts at the CES Felipe II University in Aranjuez (Madrid), a town that enriched me a lot artistically. Later, after obtaining a scholarship, I went to Barcelona to finish my studies.

Every step of my life has shaped my work. The people with whom I surround myself are the ones that guide me towards new ways of understanding or capturing a face, a city or a moment. Those sketches are what obsess me, capturing a second, like those images that are unconsciously retained in our minds.

After a few years, I decided to move to Palma de Mallorca, a city I fell in love with after seeing it and which has given me great artistic satisfaction. It is painting itself that has given meaning to my life, that has guided me at all times until I reached the point where I am now. I feel that our own life is already a work of art. So I will continue to ride on this painted boat towards LIFE.