Cindy Amoroso

Italian artist born in Switzerland, she has been living in Mallorca for 5 years. Ceramist for 3 years, she discovered ceramics on the island. She felt the need to explore the land on her own and to know its limits and very quickly wanted to discover self-taught artistic ceramics. When Cindy is in her studio, she surrenders completely to emotion. Her mode of expression is fragility.
It is not easy to macerate so many experiences with delicacy and, above all, to channel them coherently when the time comes. As if that were not enough, it is even more difficult. Cindy allows herself the luxury of opening the door for intuition to govern her process at certain moments.
She aspires to excellence and at the same time, she has no complex in confessing that she is in full evolution. We are facing the explosion of a supernova, creating a universe of its own, and about which we can only imagine the directions it will take.
If we are to venture into the future of her work, we stake everything on the use of the material. Once any possible veil of light or shadow has vanished, once any vapour of doubt has disappeared, once the first ephemeral euphoria has dispersed, time will stand still. No past, no future, only a gigantic, all-encompassing present.
Let us dream. Dust plucked from the stars, earth from volcanic eruptions that herald a final cataclysm, water from silent glaciers and why not? The thought energy generated by all the past, present and future men of humanity. Any particle within her reach is susceptible of being assimilated into the vast forge that Amoroso masters at will.