Dennis Klapschus

„If you can dream it, you can do it“ is one of the most popular Walt Disney quotes and serves as a value statement for the artworks of Dennis Klapschus. Since 2014 he is a sprayart artist, working under the label dekLart® (Dennis Klapschus Art). In his artworks he is combining childhood memories with lifestyle to remind people of their dreams. Accordingly, his artworks are characterized by a combination of Walt Disney- and comic characters together with quotes and sayings to call upon people to believe in their aims.

Dennis Klapschus, born in Essen in 1984, at first completes a bricklayer apprenticeship to pursue his interest and skills in crafts. After this he is studying architecture. During his studies his good intuition for space and colours emerges and he is focusing on design, colours, visual representations and perspectives. After completing his studies, he is working as an architect and withal he starts applying his awareness for design in arts. Initially Klapschus creates black-and-white portraits by utilizing spray paints on canvas.

Always being a big fan of Walt Disney and comics, most of his inspirations emerge out of it. Also his two daughters make him remember his own childhood dreams and motivate him for his motives. Mr. Brainwash and Banksy serve as artistic inspirations. Klapschus is combining all these inspirations in his arts and these lead to the artworks he is creating nowadays – colourful combinations of comic and dream.
In this way he does not only address art connoisseurs, but rather everyone can identify with his statements. Klapschus is convinced, that above all, art must arouse a positive feeling and must be fun. Therefore, his artworks sometimes may be provocative, but always raise a smile with its honesty and authenticity.

Klapschus does not use a special technique, but rather relies on a mixed technique by combining diverse techniques. Besides spray paint he often includes diverse materials and comic books.