Evita Medina

Born in Malaga, my great-grandfather being a painter, I always knew that I would spend my life trying to show that I was worthy of the gift I had inherited. As the years went by and while living in Madrid, the spark of fashion awoke in me, so burning and intense that I wasn’t able to ignore it, and I thought it would be delightful, not only to create beauty, but rather bring it to each person in the form of fashion collections. Soon I found myself immersed in a world of patterns and fast creations that took me to a rhythm where I could not enjoy what I really loved, that moment of capturing on paper my most beautiful thoughts, my inner light, the colours with which I paint my days. So I made the most transcendental decision of my whole life.

I put everything to one side, slowed down my steps which finally brought me to Mallorca, attracted by the light and the tranquility that characterises this beautiful island. What awaited me here were brushes, canvases, oils, many hours of work and a sense of fulfilment, unknown to me until then. I had the privilege of taking classes in the workshop of the artist painter Trinidad “Rus” and she showed me how to develop my facet as a figurative painter, with a technique entrusted to us by the classics whom I admire so much and from whom I learn enormously every day. I express myself with female figures and imbue each of my portraits with my own existence, feeling myself to be a mere tool of these ladies who wait patiently for my brushes to bring them to life. Thus, between collections and exhibitions in Mallorca, Murcia, Malaga, Oxford and Sweden, I feel that I am on the beautiful path that that small girl decided to follow, in one way or another, until the end.

To me painting does not only plays a role, but it’s my whole existence. It represents the absolute, my first thought when I wake up, my point of light on the horizon towards which I walk among colours, fantasies, dreams and projects… it is the reason why I exist and what I was born for.