Felipao is the artistic name of Felipe Garcia-Bañon Sanz-Briz, who throughout his life, being the son and grandson of Spanish diplomats, has lived around the world, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, France, Kenya, Nicaragua, Pakistan,… this cosmopolitan life and exposure to different cultures have allowed him to have a polyhedral vision of the world.
He settled in Madrid in 1983. With a degree in economics and business sciences from ICADE, his working life was spent in various multinationals such as Bristol- Myers Squibb, TV 5, Repsol, etc.
In 2009 he decides to make a big change in his life, his need to communicate his experiences, his vision and what had been his passion until then, leads him to leave the world of the multinational and dedicate himself completely to art.
Throughout these years he has exhibited in Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, the United Kingdom, among other countries, collectively and individually. He has made public exhibitions (“Podenco Dafne y Lucas”-P-Art Ibiza Gallery).
He had an individual retrospective at the Mira Space of the Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council, from May to July 2021.
Works can be found in important private collections such as the Juan Antonio Pérez Simón collection, Philippe Starck collection, César Gaviria collection, Solita Cohen collection; Koplowitz collection, March collection, Jeff Brody collection, Varez collection, Tomas Fuertes collection and Scarpetta collection among others.
His menina sculpture has recently been chosen as an institutional gift from the Community of Madrid to give to illustrious visitors and as an award at the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute in New York.
He has collaborated in exhibitions and specific artistic projects for brands such as Tag-Heuer, Glenfiddich, Beefeater, Ebay, Apodemia, Gemologist Miriam de Ungría, Brittany Ferries, Sol & Luna Leather, Grupo Miguel Vergara, HABLA wines, Osborne, dermatological line Method R, Oliva lamps, Four Seasons and Bulldog Gin among others.
He is currently holding exhibitions at DS ́s (Stellantis Group premium car brand) flagship stores throughout Spain being one of his brand ambassadors. One of his sculptures has been selected by LaLiga Española de Futbol as a gift to the 1,100 first and second division players in the 2022-2023 season. His iconic creations have positioned him as one of the most recognised pop artists today.


I have always considered that art should be an element that enriches our most intimate surroundings in one way or another. I love colour and I transmit it in all my works. I think that many people smile when they see them and this is due to their character as well as the colours I use because they transmit joy and even moods, that’s why I don’t usually use sad or dull colours. I want my work to convey optimism, light, strength and encouragement.
I have been a collector before I was a creator and I have always valued cheerful and unique works, in a way that I have tried to transmit this facet, before the current one, in everything I do.
My works try to transmit a message, this can be ironic, creative, caustic, romantic….etc. Each one depending on each work. I feel identified with pop art but I don’t like to pigeonhole myself, that’s something the viewer must judge for himself. I am a self-taught and multidisciplinary artist, when I left the world of business I dedicated myself to learning and learning, I took courses in everything I know and do, but there is only one course that I never took and never will take, learning to be creative.

What we see through our eyes is something very personal and never coincidental. This is the reason why I sign my paintings on the sides, so that it is the collector who places them through his own way of understanding each work. My inspiration comes from everything I see, dream or intuit, I also use a lot of inputs and vectorise them. Throughout my life I have travelled a lot and that has helped me to see and nourish myself from different cultures, that’s why I don’t follow a linear creative pattern in my works, I don’t look for a recognisable linearity in the way I interpret, each work has its soul, its history and its why; its name says a lot about them, I think about them a lot, it’s not by chance.