Franc Tortosa

Franc Tortosa, born in Barcelona in the Spanish city of Barcelona in July 1983, discovers from his first steps his admiration for painting.

At the beginning of 2013 he established his residence in the Canary Islands, where he has developed a unique figurative style with an impressionist touch, in which he shows a great mastery in capturing the light, his brushstroke is brave and impetuous, focusing mainly on the creation of atmospheres in which he combines countless contrasts, being the urban landscape one of his most admired motifs.

Franc Tortosa has been influenced from the beginning by the great masters of Australian and English watercolour, demonstrating an innate talent for the mastery of this centuries-old water-based technique.

Being one of the most popular artists on the national and international scene, he is the author of works of urban themes, seascapes and landscapes, where his motifs of Venice, Madrid, Paris and New York stand out.

During the last three years Franc Tortosa has been appointed International Ambassador for major brands such as Maimeri (Italy), St Cuthberts Mill (England) and Princeton (USA), as well as collaborating with other major international brands such as Imagen.

He is currently a member of the prestigious International Watercolor Society – IWS, having received multiple awards in National and International Painting Competitions, participating in High Quality Watercolour Biennials in cities such as Rome, Paris, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and China among others.