Joan Pol

Mallorca 1976. I grew up among musicians in the 80s, my travels to Africa, India, Nepal and Scotland shaped my artistic and cultural sensibility. Self-taught in painting, sculpture, photography, music and luthier, my works are expressionist and modern. I emphasise the technical discourse in textures, matter and pure colours. Blue, ochre, yellow and white form my emotional palette. My inspiration is given by the island’s geography and my motives and experiences transcribed into poetic language.
I have collaborated in exhibitions with various artists: Ferran Pizà, Felipe Caldes, Bennasar + Colom, Perelló, Andrés Cimas. In 2023 I participated in the Art Biennial of Pollença. I have had a solo exhibition at gallery Cantorro in Mallorca. In my most recent art works titled La Mar de Texturas I make creative masks of diverse variety with informal materials. I produce watercolours with modern tendencies. All my activity is made possible by my work schedule which is constant and productive.