NFT artist

Juan Llompart

Juan is an artist with a career of more than three decades in the world of art and creation. His multifaceted character leads him to work with a wide range of materials and disciplines, which gives him a deep knowledge of the artistic world and a unique sensitivity to capture different essences in each project.

Two of the main characteristics that define his work are, first, an extraordinary commitment to current affairs and, second, the constant search for new forms of expression. This has led him to always be attentive to the opportunities offered by the most modern platforms and technological tools to develop first-rate artistic works.

Patient and meticulous, once he thoroughly understands and masters each of these tools, his creativity flows freely creating unique, surprising and unforgettable experiences.

We are delighted to present that Juan Llompart is also the soul of Pablo AI in #0. You can see his works here.