Luis Maraver

Luis Maraver is the quintessential multidisciplinary. Known primarily for his paintings and drawings, he moves with equal ease between sculpture, performance, and because he probably doesn’t have the time, but given the chance, he would surprise us by signing works in the metaverse as well. Everything will come.

With a sophisticated technique and a personal style, Maraver is comfortable exploring all kinds of aspects such as identity, memory and perception. Complex topics presented in a way that encourages dialogue and reflection. He is an overall artist.

He possesses a tremendous ability to create mysterious and suggestive atmospheres. He can perfectly combine figurative or abstract elements with organic shapes and motifs. Many of his works include layers of bright colors and unique textures that are superimposed to create an effect of movement and depth.

He often surprises us with recycled materials and using production techniques that minimize his environmental impact.

He is a well-travelled, cultivated man, and we have not yet mentioned that he has one of the most spectacular libraries you can imagine distributed throughout his house.

We cannot be more proud to invite you to see what Maraver has prepared for #0 at Neutro Art.