Marcos Juncal

Marcos Juncal was born in Pontevedra in June 1975, Spain. He has been living in Mallorca for the last ten years. He graduated as a Master Sculptor from the School of Stonemasons of Pontevedra (1992-97) and continued his training working as an assistant in the studios of artists such as Francisco Leiro (Cambados), Silverio Rivas (Vigo), or Paco Barón (Madrid) among others, and also collaborated in the production studio AB3 Workshops (London). After two decades of career, his work has been exhibited in several national and international galleries, museums and art fairs.

Specializing in sculpture, his work is directed towards multiple ways of capturing a methodology that starts from research in anthropology and modern sociology, he is characterized by mixing his own sculptures with objects or artifacts that he collects and finds, with which he offers a reflection of life as he observes and perceives it. His sculptures are an understanding of the fundamentals of sculpture, architecture, kitsch and surrealism creating authentic visual choreographies for the viewer.