Núria Bosch

Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Núria Bosch is a young visual artist who is part of the New Figurative Art movement. Her solid classical training and deep knowledge of pictorial technique are reflected in her work, as well as her skilful efforts to overcome this training and explore new approaches in her painting.

In this new exploratory stage there is an influence of the 60’s Pop art and also the 80’s Urban art revisiting the iconography of these movements modifying and expanding it in an irreverent and fun way. Clearly enjoying the process she now does so in a more loose and impulsive way. In her paintings she experiments with light, colour and empty spaces, placing thick and robust paint strokes, breaking forms… showing a complete free handling of materials, combining resources of fine arts with those of graffiti. Within this current of New Figurative Art, Núria Bosch’s painting already has a defined and differentiated style.