Visual artists

Olga y Veta (Vomfrave)

Svetlana Miletina (1979) and Olga Fefilova (1980), childhood friends born in Saint Petersburg and established in Europe for the last three decades, currently live and create on Mallorca, are the co-creators of the unique PhotoPainting concept and the VOMFRAVE project.

Utilizing their two bodies, twin souls, and pair of minds their artworks emerge routing from studies of professional fashion stylist and professional photographer, inspired by their own spiritual growth and cultivated through years of investigation within the fields of psychoanalysis, meditation, yoga, channeling, together with other numerous self-discovery systems.

Based on classic photography, digital transformation, and NFT assets, these two artists have crafted a visual diary of their own eternal spiritual self-development, captured in their artworks, namely PhotoPaintings within the analog as well as the NFT domains. Using the conceptual set up, their bodies and their energy together with brushes and paintings they are aiming (not) to frame “the unframable”..