Painter / Muralist / Sculptor

Pablo Pelluz

Pablo Pelluz, painter-sculptor resident in Palma and teacher in Fine Arts University Adema.

He accepts art as a universal language to express himself and make people aware of certain common problems. In his messages he tells us that: «Art is a very powerful weapon, just look at history and it is the first thing that is censored. This is a fact that perfectly shows how important it is and how it influences people. Because it transmits messages, it makes you think, creates doubts, questions, reflections or simply nothing. That is why I feel responsible in reflecting certain social aspects from a critical point of view using the artistic tools I have».

His artistic line is focused on the branch of plastic arts. In this field he investigates and carries out different projects that include, above all, painting, drawing and sculpture.

He has exhibited his work in various prominent spaces both in Spain and abroad. In Spanish territory, he has left his mark in places such as the Vicerrectorado de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Biblioteca Histórica del Marqués de Valdecilla in Madrid, and the Sala de Arte Torre Blanca in Albarracín, Teruel. His mural contribution in the sports pavilion of San Rafael, Ibiza, in 2015, and his participation in the international Art Bloop Festival 2016, also in Ibiza are both remarkable. Likewise, we see exhibitions at the Apo ́strophe Gallery in Vigo in 2017 and 2018, along with the Sala de Arte del Club Diario de Ibiza and Atzaró Gallery in 2018. During that year, his mural work at La Tabacalera de Lavapiés in collaboration with Madrid Street Art Project and his mural at Est-Art Gallery, both in Madrid, are noteworthy.

Outside Spain, his work has been shown at the Call For Art Exhibition in Chicago (USA) and at the Art of Promo art fair in Nice (France), both in 2014. In 2017, his work was highlighted in the exhibition of the Cultural Collective of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also made his mark with another mural at Satka Art Festival 2018, Russia. More recently, he was selected as an artist for After Sun Festival 2022 and Inca Art, both events in Mallorca.

During 2023, his mural work expanded to Wasini Island, Kenya, as part of the Adema University art project. Last but not least, his mural work for Villa Dalia Art Centre-Business Club adds to his outstanding achievements.