Pepe Guerrero

Pepe Guerrero is an Artist and Designer based in the Canary Islands, he develops most of his work in the vibrant art scene of Madrid. Catalan by birth, he immersed himself from an early age in art, interior design and ephemeral architecture studies, marking the beginning of an intricate education in various creative disciplines.

His artistic evolution was greatly influenced by the cultural and artistic richness of Barcelona. Although a crucial catalyst, his creative quest led him to Valencia, where he obtained his degree in Industrial Design. During this period, he shaped his first pieces of functional art, experimenting with diverse materials and consolidating his artistic identity. His work focuses on expressing the maximum with the minimum, achieving a perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. He transmits sensations of harmony and beauty, inviting the viewer to reflect through contemplation and dialogue with their surroundings.

He stands out for his profound and respectful handling of materials, highlighting their expressiveness and nature. With organic lines, sculptural details and minimalist lines, he creates hypnotic pieces that captivate the viewer’s attention. His sculptural creations, sober, elegant and exquisitely beautiful, capture the viewer with their unique personality. Each piece invites you to explore the convergence between form and emotion.