Reza Taler

Born in Persia in 1958, the artist has lived in Germany since 1989. Besides his family, his love belongs to the art of painting. Reza Taler has become internationally known through numerous exhibitions, e.g. in: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Lindau, Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, London, Oslo, Warsaw, Prague, Moscow, Mallorca and Dubai.

Reza Taler’s artistic focus is on painting with oil and acrylic paints. His powerful works, in a comic and pop art style, impress with strong colors, sweeping dynamics and precise brushstrokes. He likes to experiment and reinvent himself time and again, yet all the paintings he creates bear his unmistakable signature. In addition to classic canvases, Reza Taler lovingly and painstakingly creates unusual formats in which he combines different media. His works known as diamond portraits are a remarkable and unique form of painting. This geometric technique, inspired by the shape and purity of precious stones, creates exciting, modern and sparkling images.

His great talent and wealth of ideas are reflected in his lively and well-thought-out motifs. His works are captivating, tell stories and awaken childhood memories and dreams. They radiate lightness and positive energy. Inspired by icons of the past and present, Reza Taler transports the viewers of his works into a world full of symbolism. He tells of the pursuit of success and happiness, always with a distinct sense of humor. In his motifs, we often encounter a figure that many of us grew up with. Scrooge McDuck, known as a symbol of avarice and greed, stands here for his original story, the story of Scrooge McDuck, who went from shoeshine boy to multi-billionaire through diligence and business acumen. For once, this character can become a role model and at the same time make us smile or simply be a child again.

Reza Taler’s art thus generates a great deal of interest among art lovers and those who are inspired by his art. His works not only enrich the private or professional living space, they are definitely a good investment. He is one of the most important and creative artists in Germany and is internationally renowned.