Robert Hilmersson

Born in 1973, Robert Hilmersson  lives and works in Sweden. He is a colorful, symbolic artist who often uses humor and social criticism in his artwork. He has exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Budapest, Seattle and Gothenburg. His artwork has been sold to famous art collectors such as legendary Sir Elton John, 80s pop singer Adam Ant of Adam & the Ants, CEO Hans Wallenstam, renowned antiques specialist Björn Gremner, members of the Sainsbury family as well as to banks and insurance companies internationally and world famous auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Phillips in London.

Robert Hilmersson is an artist whose work is a chronicle of the world past and present. He explores topics such as politics, social issues, pop culture and other major themes that come his way. His work is a composition of different elements and subjects, colors, cityscapes, graphic design, typography are all important parts of his work. Every painting has a central idea. Whether it is about human behaviour, politics, or fiction.

The themes are the life around us. He often uses strong images to evoke emotions in the viewer to offer different opinions and sides of the same subject. He wants the viewer to think and interpret for themselves rather than find out what he was thinking at the time. He often allows his penguin to appear in unexpected environments that can create a sense of recognition for the viewer or simply trigger a laugh.