Simona Constantin

Simona Constantin is a formally trained dental medical doctor and former orthodontist. Growing up with a natural talent in painting and winning several art competitions in her childhood, she used her drawing skills in anatomy courses during her medical training, always being inclined to showcase her natural talents. Whatever she did, she always came back to her first love and passion, so, after years of practicing art in another form in the orthodontics field, she decided to pursue her art career, becoming a portrait artist living and working in between Germany and Spain.

Taking Instagram by storm and growing a remarkable following in a very short time allowed Simona to not only share her inspiration and works with a vast community of artists across the globe, but also to reach prominent collectors, who were fascinated with her artworks.

She was always intrigued by faces and the emotions behind them, creating portraits in her signature style. Her body of work revolves around energy and inner introspection and she portrays and explores that through the women she paints. Her large scale canvases express emotions and she manages to capture the viewer’s sight through her unique style, making him emerge in another world.

«Painting women has always fascinated me because they are the highest, purest level of emotion. My canvases have become a spiritual playground and my current goal is to focus on investigating the deepest inner levels of our beings and channelling them through all of these women, animals, objects and entities that are juxtaposed, creating immersive stories for the observer and therefore challenging them to a deeper introspection.

Most of my canvases have a starting base right in my subconscious and my unexplored feelings, this is where I have my fountain of inspiration. But, of course, external inspiration is always present, from people on the street to music and films, colours and sounds. At the base of everything that sparks an emotion, that’s where you’ll find me and my art.

I am creating from the soul, for the soul, trying to not only empower women all around the world, but also make them connect with their inner self, make them go back into their hearts, because that’s where energy and feelings are to be found. My aim is to create a gateway conversation between women and their higher selves. Achieving that through art is my highest purpose.”

Simona’s paintings were published in numerous international art magazines such as Magzoid Magazine in Dubai, Artists and Illustrators in London and Bruxelles Art Vue art album, as well as in the renowned The World of Interiors. Her latest interview was in the April issue of business and lifestyle Brand You Magazine from London.

Her work was exhibited locally in Germany in various cities around Stuttgart and internationally in Austria, Monaco, Spain and Qatar to name a few. Additionally, her artwork is available to private collectors through direct commission.

Her commission with the late Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Al Ashmawi and his beloved mother, Mrs. Elly Al Ashmawi is currently in their private collection in Marbella, where she had the pleasure to install it herself. Additionally, in the USA, her portraits are part of the private collections of The Ackerberg Group and the award-winning author and film producer Deirdre Allen Timmons. Simona’s works are to be found in permanent private collections across the USA and Europe.