CONSULATE OF MONACO, a meticulously curated project by Neutro Art

The brochure with detailed information about the project is here.

At Neutro Art, we specialize in turning spaces into artistic masterpieces, infusing luxurious residences, restaurants, offices, and more with a unique blend of creativity, style, and sophistication. Our dedication to crafting exceptional interiors makes us valuable partners for interior designers, real estate agencies, and discerning property owners

We believe that every space has the potential to become a work of art. Through our team of professionals, we collaborate seamlessly with designers to create interiors that reflect the essence of each space. With a deep understanding of aesthetics, our work transcends the ordinary and introduces an extraordinary dimension into every project.

Neutro Art has the privilege of collaborating with the new Consulate of Monaco in the heart of Palma city, showcasing exceptional works from two of our outstanding international artists.

Consulado de Mónaco x Neutro Art is a project with a selection of paintings by two of our international artists, Aldo Comas & Dennis Klapschus. At Neutro Art we are in charge of selecting each of the artworks that decorate a meticulously designed Consultate of Monaco, taking care of every detail.

The project has been artistically curated by Neutro Art and located in the centre of the city of Palma de Mallorca.