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What we do

Dedicated to art and located in Mallorca, we currently have three exhibition centres (Art Galleries). We represent and exhibit in our spaces local, national and international artists with recognised reputation and experience.

We also support emerging artists giving them the opportunity to show their talent and skills. That’s why within our NEUTRO ART world we have incorporated a new exhibition format.

This format is that any artist or artists, either individually (recommended) or collectively may exhibit in two of our various multidisciplinary exhibition centers (NEUTRO ART TEMPLO in Porto Pí, brand new with 450M2 in three open plan floors and NEUTRO ART HARBOUR in Port Adriano) without the need for this exhibition to be curated by our artistic direction but yes, supervised and approved.

In this way we expand our services to an incipient demand of artists who feel the need to show their works and creations to the world.

At the same time, NEUTRO ART will continue to curate and organize group and solo exhibitions in both galleries.

The rental periods of our art galleries are for weeks and can be extended according to needs.

There are different formats and rates available.

In any case, once the proposal is supervised and approved by us, we will be a support for the artist or artists in all senses providing different types of support such as advertising, communications, image and everything necessary for the exhibition to be a success.

Our spaces

We offer 2 spaces for your exhibitions:

C/ Rafaletes 1, Palma.
A new exhibition centre located in Palma, a unique space due to its layout, as well as its simple, minimalist architecture. 450 m2 open-plan, distributed over three exhibition floors with an artistic and cultural «soul».

C/ Platja 3, Port Adriano.
A pop-up gallery in constant transformation and evolution, located in the prestigious marina Port Adriano, where you can enjoy the spectacular works of some of our artists surrounded by a unique nautical atmosphere.
A modern, nautical and chic space, located in one of the best private super yacht harbours in the Mediterranean, Port Adriano in Calviá.

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